30 minutes on the bike

8 01 2011

Trying to continue the routine of exercise, any exercise, just something that my brain doesn’t have an aversion to, I got the turbo trainer and bike out again.  My choice of music this time, everything my way to make things comfortable…  I began to turn the pedals.

There was an instant recognition in my quads from the previous time: a dull ache straight away.  I pushed through and kept the cranks turning feeling my heart rate sky-rocket and my breathing go out of control.  Sweat flowing I looked down at the computer – only 3 minutes in and I felt like I couldn’t continue.  I dropped gear after gear.

I stopped twice momentarily during the 30 minutes and the experience was nasty…  previously I’d felt much better.  Perhaps it was too much too soon.  I was spinning much too fast.  It’s in the past now though.




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