The Dreaded Turbo Trainer

6 01 2011
Turbo trainer

The dreaded turbo!

I’m doing things a little differently this time around. Previously I’ve been interested in keeping a log of my general progress as well as facts and figures to try to see improvement in distance and / or speed….

After my hiatus my body has changed… I’m now back to where I was when I first started!

Something I didn’t do, when I first started exercising, but wish I had done was measure my body changes. This time around I will do so.

So it begins!

I weighed myself: 14 stone 3 3/4 lbs. (199 3/4 lbs or 90.6kg).
I also measured the widest part of my belly: 41″!!! My jeans are still 34″ – must look lovely :S

I will continue these measurements to see if I’m making improvement. I’d like to get under 13 stone again and have my belly and waist more in alignment!

After much mucking about (an hour – swapping bike wheels, putting my Look Kao’s onto the old bike, etc, etc) I finally got on and the pedals were spinning. I was going to get my phone so I could listen to some music but instead just hit play on the CD in the kitchen stereo…

The pedals began turning and Erasure started playing – not something I’d choose but it passed time for the first 5 minutes. After that all I could do was focus on which minute I was on: 13, 14, 15 – “yes half-way” before counting back down again. The last 5 minutes all I could do to distract myself was to draw each number in my mind each feeling like it was taking longer and longer. 30 minutes never felt so slow – or sweaty.

It’s done. I’ve begun.

Let’s see if I can get my head back in the right place – the only way to achieve.




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