5 miles steady

13 10 2008

Good run today as I’ve not run since Friday I once again diitched the slow run today.  Didn’t want to push myself too hard so instead ran at a pace that was faster than normal but not so fast I was killing myself.

Quite a few times, up to the 4 mile mark, I had to make myself slow down a bit as I felt like I was pushing myself a bit too much.  I got to a mile from home and just kept the pressure on, I knew this would be tough as there are two rises, the last being quite nasty.

Time Distance Split time Split distance Split pace
08:30 1.00 8:30 1.00 8:30
16:48 2.01 8:17 1.01 8:14
24:49 3.01 8:00 1.00 7:58
33:14 4.03 8:24 1.02 8:16
41:41 5.04 8:26 1.01 8:20
43:23 5.25 1:42 0.21 8:16



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