4 miles treadie session

28 04 2008

Treadmill Monday!  Treadmills are boring – so this post will be equally so:

  1. Fiddled with MP3 player whilst walking for a minute or so
  2. Cranked treadmill up to 11.5 km/h
  3. Ran until I hit 5km
  4. Pushed speed up to 12.5 km/h (Tool – 10,000 Days helped lots here)
  5. Run until I hit 6km
  6. Slowed up momentarily (11.5km/h for 200m) then back to 12.5km/h
  7. Stopped running at 6.44km (4 miles)
  8. Walked until hit 7km

See – boring!

6.44km in 00:33:40




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