8 mile long run

26 04 2008

Last week was tough. All day Thursday I was ill, ending up having to go home after throwing up at work – yum! Friday was a similar story.

I’d not run a decent distance for a while, so was in desparate need to get some miles in, however after 2 days of very little food, this might not have been a good idea!

We set off from Willen’s Pagoda car park up to the canal, out and back towards Giffard to get the first couple of miles under our belts. At this point I was spent! I could feel the warmth draining from my body, so knew I was out of fuel… I pushed on – feeling quite wobbly.

We followed the canal, turning towards the Ouse by Woughton-on-the-Green, then followed the Ouse through the park (which was full of cows, sheep and lambs) back to Willen. It was incredibly hot and I was sweating as much as I do when running indoors.

We then followed kept Willen Lake around until we hit 8 miles. Being a nice day, there were plenty of people wandering about the lake, taking up the entire path – as usual. “It’s ok, I’m running straight at you, but you still won’t give me some room!!!” – I swear one day I’ll just barge people out of the way… anyone got some American Football shoulder pads?

I amazed I managed the run though, especially after such a bad start. In fact, I had to let Jen drive home because I was feeling quite strange afterwards.

8 miles 1:15:52




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