Milton Keynes Half Marathon 2008

2 03 2008

Race done!!

No where near as much training as last year, but I was aiming for a sub 2 hour finish – and managed it 🙂

Last year I rememberred having trouble at about 10 miles, what I had forgotten was just how tough the course is from mile 9 to the finish.  If anyone says that Milton Keynes isn’t hilly, then they should run that part of the route!

Once again I had a bit of a mental block at 9 miles and at the drinks station I walked.  Last year I did the same then had real problems in keeping going, this year I forced myself to run…  but it was slow going.  From 9 miles it was all up hill, with lots of dips and rises along an overall gradual incline.  Tough!!

My legs were screaming after 11 miles, I’d forgotten it was that bad.  Note for next year: hill train!!! Also, don’t get so out of shape over autumn/winter!

Managed it though and although my second half was slower than I wanted, I got a time of:





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