6 miles (and a bit)

8 02 2008

I couldn’t run on Wednesday because of family commitments and won’t be long running over the weekend. I could do with a cut-back week in any case as Pushing up every week can cause injury. I think its usually every 4th week should be a bit easier.

I hit the gym with 7km in mind, but had to stop for the loo 2km in. It annoyed me somewhat so I decided to go for the full 10km. I also stopped at 7km to grab a couple of mouthfulls of water from the fountain. This means it wasn’t a straight 10k but that is ok.

Hoodie man was there, I spoke to him tonight and he seems a nice chap. He was running quite well too, it looked like he was going to run for an hour – maybe I underestimated him. Mind you, I can hardly cast judgement these days! There was also a smallish runner too, she managed well as well. It is nice seeing people pushing themselves.   Balancing out this goodness, two girlies were talking and walking on the treadmills, when I first go there. They were going slower than I thought they could actually travel and didn’t come close to breaking into a sweat!

The even more boring bit:

6.214 miles (10km) in 00:55:18 @ 08:54 min / mile pace.




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