3 miles fast(ish)

4 02 2008

Monday, so back in the gym again, easy run night!  I changed my training a tad when I got there though 😉

Hoodie man wasn’t wearing his hoodie tonight, I can’t believe how much hair he has though. Almost looks like a poodle, in fact he’ll be named Poodleboy from now on.  He was lolloping about a lot, like usual.  Joggerman was there too, he plods along quite well and seems to be a regular.  However, tonight there was a new face!  A proper runner!!!  From what I could gather, he was running 13.5 kph fast with 11 kph recoveries, although he may have gone faster at times.  This urged me to run faster than the 11kph I was going to run.

I started with a 10kph warm up, once round the track, then sped up to 11kph and eventually 11.5kph by the time I’d got up to 800m. This is the speed I ran my last 4 mile tempo run at. When I got to 2km, I decided to push up to 12kph for a bit. I managed 1km, then dropped back down to 11.5kph for the rest of the run.

Everything felt good, the fast km was a bit tough, but everything kept working ok, and I was dying on my feet. I could have ran further at that pace, but didn’t want to kill myself, nor have to drop down below 11.5kph later on. I was using my head, see (or maybe I wimped out).

5km / 3.11 miles in 00:26:19

Looking back at previous runs, this year, my pace is improving over the distance:

Date Pace (min/mile)
Jan 9th 09:39
Jan 14th 08:59
Jan 21st 09:00
Feb 4th 08:28

Quite happy with my progress, although I should be able to run 5km at 12kph, hmmm, maybe a 4 mile tempo run on Wednesday then.




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