5 miles I think!

28 06 2007

Well I ran last night, but forgot my Garmin!  I think it was about 5 miles and have no idea how long it took!

What I do know is that I got soaked!!  As I was parking up I noticed a couple of spots of rain, within the first minute the heavens openned.  Oh well, kept me cool 🙂

I ran a long lap of Willen Lake, which means that from the carpark by Willen Church, I ran around the horseshoe hill, down the zig-zag path by the Pagoda carpark, over the foot-bridge and up to the canal.  I then followed the canal to campbell park, up the hill in the park, past the face statue then back down to the next bridge…  I then ran around the outside of Gulliver’s Eco Park, to the corner of the lake, the first time I actually got close to the lake!  I ran along the bottom edge, back up to the road until I was at the other side of the V11 and then back around to the car…

It was either make the lap bigger or run laps; I chose the former!

Running next the V11, next to the north lake I really pushed myself to really run…  I felt like I was flying, the weather definetly helped thermally.

In the evening I tried watching TV sitting in Kiza, but could only manage a few minutes.  I’ll try again tonight as I really need to get used to the feeling.




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