More hills!

7 06 2007

I was meant to run last night, but wimped out. I was due for some hillwork, so that I can improve my leg muscles for running stamina and Aikido.

I was due to run 12 hills, but as a punishment for skipping, I pushed myself to run 15 hills tonight… and it hurt!

I had quite a lot of cars to deal with tonight, as I was out soon after 6pm and there were a lot of commuters about still.  I would normally run on the grass verge, but its become overgrown.  Most drivers are good to give plenty of room as the overtake though.

The boring stuff…

4.64 miles in 00:46:20.

Hill times:

  1. 0:00:50
  2. 0:00:50
  3. 0:00:49
  4. 0:00:49
  5. 0:00:48
  6. 0:00:48
  7. 0:00:49
  8. 0:00:52
  9. 0:00:50
  10. 0:00:49
  11. 0:00:52
  12. 0:00:51
  13. 0:00:53
  14. 0:00:55
  15. 0:00:49



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