Been a while…

10 05 2007

After the Marathon I was suprised at how quickly my body recoverred.  The first couple of days I was very stiff and walking downstairs hurt, but by the Thursday I was ok.

Jen and I ran with Andrew’s football team on Sunday.  They had a sponsored run around Furzton Lake (2 laps) to raise club funds.  I was suprised at how hard I found it, although I have had a bit of a cold since Saturday.

Since mid-last week onward however I’ve noticed how negative I’ve felt towards running.  Now I’ve achieved my goal of running a Marathon I’ve been left with a void.  Motivation to run is extremely low now, and I’m trying to find another goal to raise it.  In fact I was worried I’d end up not running at all anymore.

Anyway, I managed a run last night…  wasn’t in the mood but Jen guilted me into going 😉  I really enjoyed it!  With no required structure of distance, time, or effort, I was able to just run.    I went exploring, places I’ve never been, I only ran 5 miles but it felt great!  I guess I’m not hanging up my running shoes just yet 🙂




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