14 miles slow

14 04 2007


  • 14 miles slow


  • 14.00 miles – 02:20:04 – 5.7 mph avg

Bit of a split up run…. We ran from home for a change and towards Willen Lake… planned to run to run a circuit via Milton Keynes village, back along the canal to Great Linford then to Newport Pagnell. Jen had hip problems at Willen, so we ended up at the gym instead!

So, 4 1/2 miles to the gym, 4 miles on a treadmill, 5 1/2 miles home (went a long way round!) Jen was desperate to make it 10 miles for herself and she managed 11 (one of which was in the gym). This means I managed to cover the distance. Strangely you don’t seem to see people in running gear at the gym…

I felt very tired after running on the treadmill, the dynamics are completely different and although I set the speed to our average running speed of 6 mph (excluding breaks) I found those 4 miles the toughest physically and longest mentally.

Anyway, job done!




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