Week 12 reflection

2 04 2007

I’ve got to a point in the training where I’m really not enjoying it at all.  Prior to the training I was running 3 times a week for fitness and fun, this is a chore!

Regardless of the negativity I’m feeling towards the training, this week was largely a success.  I was able to run outside all of the time, the weather has been nice and I had a mostly pleasant long run other than it taking sooooo long.  I was only short on the run, but being just less than a mile off I’m not too fussed.  In fact the way I felt after Saturday’s run I really know I have no worries about running the 26 miles.

Fueling was just right on Saturday, taking plenty of gels (only needed to eat 2) and some sweets (jelly bears gum things and American Hardgums).  There was also enough fluids, we’d drunk the 1/2 litre by 14 miles and when stopped at the gym, drank water there and filled up the bottle and drank more at mile 17.  My muscles have been fine all weekend and I haven’t been too dozy (unlike last week).

Here ends the second week of silly miles, with just one more to go before beginning the taper.




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