5 x 1 mile repeats

2 04 2007


  • 1 mile jog, 5 x 1 mile repeats (2 min recovery), 1 mile jog


  • 7.01 miles – 00:58:38 – 7.17 mph avg (including jogs and recoveries)
    • Repeat 1 – 1 mile – 00:07:48 – 7.7 mph avg
    • Repeat 2 – 1 mile – 00:07:36 – 7.9 mph avg
    • Repeat 3 – 1 mile – 00:07:57 – 7.5 mph avg
    • Repeat 4 – 1 mile – 00:08:17 – 7.2 mph avg
    • Repeat 5 – 1 mile – 00:08:11 – 7.3 mph avg

Extremly hard workout, slightly hampered by my body mucking about and the wind around Willen Lake. My speed wasn’t dissimilar to last week’s 1.5 mile repeats but I found it harder.

After 3 repeats I wanted to stop, my legs were feeling it and I was tired. On my 4th, I started off feeling a bit dizzy, then at about 0.8 miles felt like I suddenly needed the loo (in an embarassing kind of way). I dropped down the speed and it subsided luckily! Mile 5 I purposely took easier because of this.

The wind was very strong by the North Lake from under the “bu-bump bridge” (Hugh-ism – H5 bridge) onward. This meant not only pushing myself mentally on but also battling against the wall of air.

There were also a lot of people around, which meant a fair amount of zig-zagging on the paths. There were also a couple of HUGE jogger’s completely hogging the path – neither would move out of the way. I nearly collided with them both as I leaped sideways at the tiny space between them!!! Path hogger’s really irritate me, why not give even a small amount of space to pass?!?!

I didn’t manage to stretch straight afterwards as there some very suspicious people in the Pagoda car park. They’re presence made me uncomfortable and I was going to risk anything. I did stretch when I got home, however after 10 minutes its never as effective. Today I’ve been quite stiff as a consequence.

I couldn’t get to a PC last night to update this (kids hogging them all!!), so its a little late. I’d usually back-date but I’m leaving as is today.




2 responses

4 04 2007

Good effort Chris! This session was one that I ended up skipping as I had a bad cold last week. I can tell you that I was not looking forward to it as 5 fast miles does not sound like fun!!

Keep at it!

5 04 2007

It was very hard work but strangely I found last night’s 7 miler harder (I need to post it!).

Also I’m wimping out tonight as my hip niggle is back and I really want to get the 22 mile run under my belt on Saturday…

Just over two weeks left for you to go now… don’t blow it with too many chocolate eggs this Sunday 🙂

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