Week 11 reflection

26 03 2007

This week was the toughest on the programme… although the long run was only 19 miles (it is 22 miles in 2 weeks), it did hit 43 miles in total.

The weather was mad meant I had to do some running in the gym. This was not easy, as it’s much hotter in the gym than outside. Also the running action is very different, it seems much easier on the muscles but harder on the heart and lungs. Also using a treadmill meant adjusting the schedule a little bit but I’m happy with this weeks results.

I was worried about how stiff my legs were throughout the week which also made me apprehensive about running on Saturday. Since the long run my muscles feel better than they have for weeks…

Again we didn’t take enough liquid on the long run. Only having 500ml of Lucozade Sport is not enough for 2 people over 19 miles! I’ll make sure we also have as much water with us over the next few long runs. It was a silly thing to do, although we are both fine and hydrated well afterwards. We did however have plenty of gels, having 3 during the course of the run, which appeared to be about right. Also topping up on Harribo bear things seemed to help whilst running.

I was completely worn out by the run though. Having to go to sleep at 10pm as I was wrecked, and then falling asleep Sunday afternoon for no good reason for several hours. Kind of means that I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend again…

I think that the key point I want to note about this week is how important fuel is. Thursday’s 10 miler proved problematic (especially afterwards) and I hadn’t eaten enough beforehand. Saturday we had plenty and everything seemed to work well.




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