10 miles steady

22 03 2007


  • 10 miles steady


  • 10 miles – 01:30:24 – 6.64 mph avg

No real problems, went out and ran it. Not massively fast, just a good constant pace. Lots of stretching afterwards but I feel quite stiff today (this was posted 23/3/2007 13:20 and back-dated).

Really didn’t want to do this. I planned to run the 4 miles to the gym, run on treadmill for 2 miles then run back. but didn’t. I ended up staying very close to home, doing lots of loops in different directions to increase the distance but remaining at worse 2 1/2 miles from home. This worked quite well mentally to stop me thinking I was miles away if I had a problem.

I also didn’t eat enough before hand.  Planning on originally going to the gym meant I left at 7 and although had a gel before leaving, this wasn’t really enough for the length of time I was running for.  I managed (although was starving at 6 1/2 mile) but I should have ran earlier or eaten more mid afternoon.




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