11 miles slow

3 02 2007


  • 11 miles slow


  • 12 3/4 miles – 02:11:48 – 5.8 mph avg (6 really – see below)

Nice run this morning – getting out of bed at 6:30am to have some food wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. Managed to get out of the door by 8:40am.

The run started off well – we did the reverse route to the last week, but went further into Great Linford to add some extra mileage. Very pleasant – but cold with the frost, seeing mist on the canal was pretty though.

We got to 5 1/2 miles and we were at our gym at Willen Lake and I HAD TO stop for the toilet. This added a total of 10 minutes onto the run, which is why the average speed is only 5.8mph (I never stop the clock – I use lap splits when I stop).

At 8 miles we stopped again for a drink and gel each. The High5 gels are indeed very good – they taste good for long runs and don’t repeat. I had no problems for the rest of the run. The gels will really be needed for the longer runs – I’m just trying to make sure I have no adverse side effects from them… so far so good (impressed).

Ended up going beyond 11 miles by quite a lot – the schedule we are following is making both of us twitchie and we made a concious decision to run 12 miles today – many people we know are on 16 week programmes (as us) and are doing 16 milers already…




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