4 miles Fartlek

29 01 2007


  • 4 miles Fartlek (speed-play) – 6 miles total with warm-up / cool-down


  • 6 miles – 00:48:36 – 7.4 mph avg

I did lots of small intervals for my Fartlek session, alternate lamp posts fast then slow over the 4 miles. It got very boring very quickly… had little time to recover and boom off again…

What was disheartening was a runner overtaking me at a pace equal to my fast pace, and he looked comfortable while I was sweating and panting like a good ‘un. Still there is no reason why that can’t be me one day, thats the only way to think about it otherwise I’d just give up… gone too far for that!

There were a couple of lads on motorbikes going down the railway path with no lights that nearly got me… was having to wave my hands about like a madman for them to notice me, slow down and not hit me. One of them said “Sorry” sounding like a 12 year old!

Another “I really don’t want to do this” session. Thats the problem with doing all this straight after work. I’m finding that speed work leaves me invigorated though, so I felt great afterwards.




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