Week 4 reflection

28 01 2007

Total mileage: 24.27

Much better week – the speed work was hard but very rewarding and it helped on the weekend run. In fact I found that on the Saturday run I was able to keep myself at pace for longer purely because I knew I could cope with it due to the speed session. The speed and long runs are definetly key runs during the week.

I’ve got lamp-post runs tommorow (hard then easy, ad infinitum!) and have never found these as beneficial as intervals – we’ll see.

One thing to note about this week though – I really didn’t feel like training at all, it felt like a real bind. I don’t know if its because the Marathon is still so far off or because its just the winter blues. The days are starting to get longer, but I’m still doing most of my runs in the dark of the evening. I guess thats part of it all though – just grin and bare it… I’ve got to do this…




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