Why a Marathon?

20 01 2007

I’ve been running, or rather plodding for about 2 years now, with last year me becoming more serious about things, increasing my distance, eating better and enterring some competitions. After running my first Half Marathon in early December and finding it ok, I need a new goal!

Jennifer, my wife, is the reserve runner for our running club to run the London Marathon on April 22nd, so needs to be fit for the race in case she is called upon. More than likely she won’t get to run it, but either way she needs to be ready.

Anyway, I’ve volunteered myself to train with her, but thought it a waste not to train for a marathon and not enter one… so we’ve both entered the Shakespear Marathon in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is the following Sunday.

I’ve created this blog after my first week of following a 16 week training program, and we are following this as if Jen is running London. We’ve entered a Half Marathon as a part of the schedule on March 11 and will insert a recovery week after then to pad out for Stratford as we should know by then if Jen is running London or not.




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