Week 3 Reflection

20 01 2007

Total mileage: 22.63

Not the best of weeks and I’m not too pleased with myself about it.

Monday’s session was a disappointing one – it was supposed to be fast, but I couldn’t maintain it over a mile. I ran Monday on my own (Jen runs the longer runs with me only as she can run during the day) and found that although the Railway Path (local path, previously a 5 mile railway line) is a good place for this kind of training, its on an incline. It is also quite well used by the local kids – I had the usual comments, but also at one point a group of lads filled the width of the path and would not let me pass (well not till the last second).

Wednesday was quite a good run really – we did stop momentarily, but it felt good and relaxed. Maybe should have pushed a bit harder!

Thursday was supposed to be a 4 miler! I missed a run on my first formal week :S With almost 100 mph winds in the UK I thought it was a tad dangerous to run! I should have made up for it Friday, but had personal stuff to do and what with the long Saturday run… I’m not pleased about missing a session at all, nor think my Friday excuse is particularly good – I just didn’t fit into my day.

Saturday was a good run, I felt a lot better during it than I did last week running 10 miles. I got a good 20 minutes more out of my body before starting to feel it (around 1:30:00) which is great! We also stopped less, with 2 water stops. My stomach scared me and I had to stop, we’d coverred 10 miles by then so I didn’t feel too bad stopping. I have no idea what happened there but I’ll have to monitor the situation.

Next week will be a similar week, but with slightly longer mid-week run and a 10km race suggested for Sunday. We’ve not enterred one, but will run as if racing. Hopefully I’ll get all my runs in next week.




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